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All UVI CHAIRs are filled with a soft, original PU foam that does not lose it’s original shape! For added comfort, UVI CHAIR also has a cushion for extra lumbar support and a head pillow that can be adjusted to your liking. UVI CHAIRs can adapt to all of your needs. To make sure of this each chair has gas-lift which allows for adjustment in height, adjustable backrest, special mechanism and adjustable armrests. To adjust the backrest, all you need to do is pull the lever and you can adjust it at desired angle between 90 and 180 degrees. Chair’s mechanism provides an additional tilt between 0 and 35 degrees, while the armrests can be adjusted according to height, position and width. Thus, the UVI CHAIR makes sure you are comfortable whether you are playing games, watching movies, studying, working, eating or even sleeping!

UVI Chair Gamer Blue

UVI Chair Devil Red


The main goal when designing UVI CHAIRs was to create a chair that is not only comfortable but supports your back and other key parts of your body during the use. The chair is designed to keep you in the right position while sitting, while at the same time it prevents injuries that can occur in the later period of your life. For added comfort and support, we also add an additional lumbar support and head pillows when with majority of UVI CHAIRs.


We believe that we can encourage you to change your sitting habits! Do not waste your back or other key parts with a bad chair, be smart and choose the right chair that takes care of your well-being and your health – make sure to choose UVI CHAIR!