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UVI Sport XL


Hello, I Am UVI Sport XL I am the biggest and strongest UVI chair out there!

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Hello, I Am

UVI Sport XL

I am the biggest and strongest UVI chair out there!

About Me

  • Name:  UVI Sport XL
  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Date of birth:  8 July 2017
  • Height:  135-141 cm
  • Max weight:  185 kg
  • Warranty:  24 months

My story

Hello everyone, I am UVI Sport XL and I am the strongest of them all! I was created to serve people who are bigger and stronger that your average person. Because of that my maker enhanced my steel frame, made me wider, higher and more durable. But do not be fooled by my bulkiness – I am still super flexible and will adjust to every need you have. So if you are a bigger guy or a girl or a couple which prefers to sit together I am your go to chair.


Go bigger, go stronger – go UVI Sport XL!

My specifications

Comfortableness 100%
  • XL design
  • Up to 185kg
  • 4D armrests
  • PU leather cover
  • Gas lift: CLASS-4
  • High quality wheels
  • Extra strong 5-star base
  • Multi-functional mechanism
  • High density premium PU foam
  • Head cushion & lumbar support
  • Adjustable backrest, from 90° – 180°

    4D armrests allow adjustments in every direction. You can adjust them by height (up – down), move them vertically (forward – backward) and horizontally (sideway) position. You can also switch between three directions (left, straight and right)


    Multifunctional mechanism allows you to switch between three different settings: - First setting completely disables chair from tilting back and forward - Second setting allows the chair to be tilted by up to 35° - Third function enables you to fixate the chair at whichever angle you like most


    UVI CHAIRs use gas lift CLASS 4 which allows height adjustment up to 9 cm.


    You can tilt backrest of the chair from 90° up to 180°.

What I Do

I offer XL comfort

Are you over 200cm or over 100kg? Do not worry, I offer XL comfort to anybody and everybody!

I do not tear up

Due to my PU cover I am not only an XL bed for you but I am more then capable of satisfying sleeping needs of your cat or dog without you worrying that my cover might tear up.

Everything but better

If you looked over other UVI chairs and were impressed with what they can do, let me tell you a little secret. I can do anything they can – but better!

Adjust to your every need

Unlike my predecessors I adjust to you needs in every possible way. Up, down, left, right, front and back – I can move in every direction.

Improve your life

I help you fix your sitting posture, my lumbar support keeps your back strait, my PU foam keeps you relaxed and my XL build gives you a feeling of freedom. Sadly I can not do your taxes but your life will be a bit better because of me.

Have your back!

And the most important thing I do is have your back no matter what.

My pictures

Additional information

Quick specifications

XL design
Up to 185kg
4D armrests
Gas lift: CLASS-4
24 month warranty
High quality wheels
Extra strong 5-star base
Multi-functional mechanism
Head cushion & lumbar support
Soft and premium original PU foam
Adjustable backrest, from 90° – 180°

2 reviews for UVI Sport XL

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pure 10+, i’m impressed. Just perfect chair, strong enough, to carry my personality too. Strong, cosy and easy to assemble. I recommend buying.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The best chair i ever had comfortable and easy to assemble. Also recommend to everyone that want to have best of the best! 15/10 =)

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