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UVI Elegant Business


If you are looking for a classy chair that you can use at home and at office look no further!

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Hello, I Am

UVI Business Elegant

If you are looking for a classy chair that you can use at home and at office look no further!

About Me

  • Name:  UVI Elegant Business
  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Date of birth:  28 July 2017
  • Height:  126-133 cm
  • Max weight:  185 kg
  • Warranty:  24 months

My story

I am very pleasant to meet you, my name is UVI Elegant Business. Unlike majority of other UVI chair I was made with a simple purpose and that is to be used in business environment. If you take a closer look at me you can see that everything about me is made in a way that shows class, simplicity and elegance. If you or your company is looking for a new chair, trust me, you should definitely pick me. I am super flexible and adjustable so you won’t have to order 20 different chairs for 20 different people – You will only have to order 20 UVI Elegant Business chairs!

My specifications

Comfortableness 100%
  • Up to 185kg
  • 3D armrests
  • PU leather cover
  • Gas lift: CLASS-4
  • High quality wheels
  • Extra strong 5-star base
  • Multi-functional mechanism
  • High density premium PU foam
  • Head cushion & lumbar support
  • Adjustable backrest, from 90° – 180°
  • 4D armrests

    4D armrests allow adjustments in every direction. You can adjust them by height (up – down), move them vertically (forward – backward) and horizontally (sideway) position. You can also switch between three directions (left, straight and right)

  • Multi-functional mechanism

    Multifunctional mechanism allows you to switch between three different settings: - First setting completely disables chair from tilting back and forward - Second setting allows the chair to be tilted by up to 35° - Third function enables you to fixate the chair at whichever angle you like most

  • Gas lift

    UVI CHAIRs use gas lift CLASS 4 which allows height adjustment up to 9 cm.

  • Adjustable backrest

    You can tilt backrest of the chair from 90° up to 180°.

What I Do

I am dressed to impress

Unlike other UVI chairs I was designed with the idea to fit into office. Therefore I do not have any holes in my backseat, am fully black and do not have an UVI eSports logo on top of me.

Offer adjustable lumbar support

I understand that if you work in office you have to sit over 8 hours per day and that leaves consequences on your body. To reduce those and prevent back pains I am designed in a way to help you keep perfect sitting posture. I also understand that not everyone can sit strait up and because of that I come with adjustable cashmere lumbar support.

Keep positive atmosphere

I know that unhappy and stressed worker is not a happy nor good worker. I make sure anyone who sits on me feels relaxed and is in a better mood.

Adjust to everyone's needs

I understand that the biggest problem when it comes to office chairs is that everyone want or needs a specific thing. UVI made sure to build me in such a way that no matter what kind of chair you want I adapt to those needs.

Endure and perpetuate

To make sure I can endure endless hours of sitting, keep making my users comfortable and last for years to come UVI used only the best materials to build me. I am filled with qualify foam and covered with top-notch PU leather. I know that once you buy a chair you want it to be long-lasting and that is exactly what you are getting with me.

Have your back!

And the most important thing I do is have your back no matter what.

My pictures

Additional information

Quick specifications

Metal frame
Class-4 gaslift
Max 185kg
Adjustable backrest and armrest
Extra strong 5-star base
High quality wheels
Soft and premium original PU foam
Adjustable backrest, from 90° – 180°
Multi-functional mechanism
24 months warranty


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