Hello, I Am

UVI Hero Red

I am efficient, comfortable and affordable!

About Me

  • Name:  UVI Hero Red
  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Date of birth:  1 October 2017
  • Height:  118-126 cm
  • Max weight:  150 kg
  • Warranty:  24 months

My story

Hey my name is UVI Hero Red and I am the other new UVI twin. Between the two of us I am the serious one. I make sure to make you comfortable and focused at all time. To make that possible I am filled with really quality foam and have extra padded armrests. Just like my twin I am also covered my both PU leather and strong mesh thus making sure you get the best possible sitting experience.

With me you are getting efficiency and comfortableness for a great price!

My specifications

Comfortableness 100%
  • Up to 150kg
  • Gas lift: CLASS-4
  • High quality wheels
  • Butterfly mechanism
  • Extra padded armrests
  • Extra strong 5-star base
  • Soft and premium original PU foam
  • Mixed cover by strong mesh and PU leather

Chair functions


UVI CHAIR Hero Red uses Gas Lift CLASS 4 which allows height adjustment up to 10 cm.

UVI Hero Red


Butterfly mechanism allows you to switch between two different settings.
The first setting completely disables chair from tilting back and forth whereas the second setting allows you to tilt the chair up to 35°.

What I Do

Keep your arms cozy

My extra padded armrests make sure that your arms feel comfortable and helps with avoiding tingling feeling.

Improve your sitting experience

If you look at me closely you can see that at the end of my base I have extra thick foam. This foam forces you to keep your legs apart thus making sure you are keeping the correct posture at all time.

Offer upgrades

My whole build helps with correct sitting posture but my design also allows you to use UVI lumbar support if you wish to.

Have your back!

And the most important thing I do is have your back no matter what.

My pictures