Even proper sitting does not prevent health issues, if you spend sitting 10 hours in a row behind a computer in the same position without taking time for a break.
The main cause of injuries and fatigue is persistent sitting in the same position, which reduces the air flow and has a poor effect on the muscles. Therefore, you must take short breaks during work and play.

We recommend one to two minutes breaks  every 30 minutes, during which you get up from the chair, take a walk or do a job that does not require sitting behind a computer.
If nothing else, at least take time once an hour for some walks and stretch your legs, neck muscles, arms, and shoulders.

If you need some help, you can install an application on your smartphone to remind you, when it’s time to take a break.

As we mentioned, the main problem of the modern workplace is immovability, forced sitting and a general lack of movement.
This can be partially avoided with regular exercises, but adjustable ergonomic tables are steadily gaining popularity.
So you can split the day into periods when you sit, stand and then sit back.
This can prevent a constant load on the same parts of the body.

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