UVI CHAIR – Gamer will change your sitting habbits and will make sure that you sit in right position. By aquiring one of our chairs, you are making an investment for now and for the years to come. Forget about pain in your back after long sitting sesions! Take care of your back and wellbeing from today!


Metal frame and class-4 gaslift

Chair contain durable metal frame to increase your safety while sitting. We use CLASS-4 gaslift for easy height adjustment and great balance of the chair.


Adjustable backrest and armrest

Pull lever and adjust backrest to any desired position from 90 to 180 degress. Play games, watch movies, work, study, eat or sleep! Armrest is adjustable for all your needs. Chair have tilt with locking system for preset chair position.

Strong quality metal frame
High quality CLASS-4 gaslift for up to 185kg
Adjustable backrest from 90 to 180 degress and lock option
Adjustable 3D armrest
5-star metal base for maximum safety from flipping
High quality wheels for easy moving and preventing from damaging your floor
Soft premium original PU foam for best comfort
Adjustable chair height to get desired position
Two cushions for neck and back support

Extra strong 5-star base

We use reliable and extra strong 5-star base to prevent the chair from flipping and to keep you focused and safe! Nylon wheels are being used in order to prvent damage of the floor surfaces.


Soft and premium materials

Soft and solid foam that does not change shape and stays soft. Foam is finished with high premium quality leather layer. For extra comfort each chair comes with two cusions for your back.

Chair specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Name: UVI eSports Gamer
  • EAN: 0027132419869
  • Price: 349,99€
  • Max weight: 185kg
  • Inside frame: Metal
  • Multi-functional mechanism
  • Foam Density: 54kg/m3
  • Armrest: 3D (up, down, left, right, back and forth)
  • Gaslift: Class 4 standard
  • Backrest: Adjustable from 90º-180º
  • Cushions: Two, headrest and lumbar
  • Seat width: 54cm
  • Backrest height: 82cm
  • Chair height: 126cm – 133cm
  • Warranty: 24 months
Your health is important!

We got your back!

Main goal when designing this chair was to make it comfortable while also supporting your back and other crucial parts of your body. Chair is designed to keep you in the right sitting position and to prevent damage on crucial body parts. For extra comfort, two neck and back support cusions are included with the chair.

Changing habbits
Shoulder and head support
Arm support
Back and waist support
Leg support

We belive we can
improve your sitting habbits!

We belive that we can encourage you to change your sitting habbits in a way that will preserve and improve your health with our specially designed chair. Don’t waste your back or any other crucial body parts with bad chairs. Be wise and select the chair that takes care of you and your health, UVI chair!

Order now and sit better

UVI eSports – GAMER

We belive we can help you sit better, longer and protect you from various health disorders. Also, it will also improve your game concentration so you can always stay on top of your game!


For any additional info please contact us on email info@uvichair.com