Have you already purchased UVI Chair? Good for you!

But do not forget that a UVI Chair is like a baby! If you want the chair to stay in top shape and form you will need to give him some additional attention.

After buying a UVI Chair the first thing you need to do is to assemble the chair. If you need any additional help to be sure to check out our assembly guides. After you have assembled the chair it is ready for use, but in a week or two, we suggest you do a check-up on your chair.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Start by turning your chair around on its head and check if the mechanism and armrest’s screws are fully tight. It is common that after 10-14 days after the assembly of the chair that the screws will get a bit loose since the material will extend a bit.
  2. Turn your chair back around and cautiously remove the caps on both sides. After you have done that check if the side screws are fully tight and if they are not, make sure to tighten them up!
  3. After you have done that your chair should be back to TOP shape! We suggest you do the same quick check-up every few months or whenever you get a feeling that things are not as stable as they should be!

Now your UVI Chair should be strong and stable enough to take on any challenge!

Over time you might start to notice a squeaking sound coming from UVI Chair whenever you lean back or move around. Do not worry – there is nothing wrong with your chair! The reason why this happens is due to several factors. Some UVI Chairs use Butterfly Mechanism and, unlike Multi-functional Mechanism, the Butterfly mechanism has an open mechanism. This means that the mechanism is exposed to dust. And more often than not, some of it will get inside the mechanism and you will start hearing the noise. AGAIN, do not worry, there is a super easy fix for this:

1) Go to the store and buy WD-40 or any other product that does the same job. We also suggest that you get some paper towels – they are not a necessity, but we highly suggest using them to prevent any unwanted drops of WD-40 on the floor.

2) Now you have everything you need to get rid of the squeaking noise! Start by turning your chair around on its head. Take WD-40 in one hand and paper towels in another. Spray a bit of WD-40 right into the mechanism as shown in the picture below.

3) After you have spayed the mechanism it is time to move onto the bolts. This might sound weird, but trust me! Unscrew the bolts a bit and spray some WD-40 on them as shown in the picture below. After that screw the bolts back in and repeat the process on all 4 of them.
4) After you’ve done that wait for a few minutes – if you move the chair immediately WD-40 might drip and you might make an unwanted mess. Turn the chair back on its feet and try it out. The squeaking noise should be gone!

If you followed 1st and 2nd steps your UVI Chair should be just like new! But before you are done there is one more thing we suggest you do to make sure your UVI Chair stays in pristine condition!

If you had your UVI Chair for a while you might notice that the PU leather is not as shiny as it was once you got it. This is not due to poor quality – this is just how PU leather and any leather works! But do not worry, we have a perfect solution for you and it is called UVI Clean!

UVI Clean is a product is ideal for cleaning surfaces of PU and natural leather. It simultaneously cleans and nourishes it and gives it a nice shine and freshness. Using the UVI Clean is pretty simple.

  1. First, get a wet paper towel and clean all PU leather surface with it. After you have finished that wipe it with a fresh paper towel.
  2. After that apply UVI Clean on the blue microfiber towel, that is included in the set, and rub it against the chair in a circular motion. Make sure to clean every single part of the chair that is covered by PU leather – also DO NOT use it on UVI Chairs that are covered by mesh or parts of the chairs that are covered by mesh!
  3. After you are done cleaning the chair take a step back and admire your UVI Chair in its glory!

So this covers the basics of how to keep your UVI Chair in TOP shape and form! If you have any additional questions we are always happy to help you.