UVI Chair’s armrests are providing different functions, so we have prepared a short summary of what you can expect from each different type. We added a list of UVI Chairs and what armrests they use.

4D Armrest

4D Armrests are adjustable in 4 dimensions. So you can always adjust to a position, you prefer at the moment. The armrest can be adjusted by height (8cm), forwards/backward, left/right, and by sideway angle. For more precise adjustment, the button was added for each direction of adjustment, which can lock the position. Top of the armrests is padded, which assures extra comfort and support when you work or play games. The size of the armrest is approximately 27x10cm. Perfect adjustment for perfect chairs!

4D Armrests are used by: UVI Sport XL White & Blue.

3D Armrest

3D Armrests are adjustable in 3 dimensions. In comparison to 4D armrests, 3D armrests are unable to move left/right, but it still allows you adjustment by height, backward/forwards, and by sideway angle. The top of the armrests is also padded for comfort and support. The size of the armrest is approximately 25x9cm.

3D Armrests are used by: UVI Gamer, UVI Elegant, UVI Devil Pro & UVI Alpha.

2D Armrest

2D Armrests are adjustable by height and left/right in sideways angle. Top of the armrest is padded and a little bit bent in length, so it can adjust to your hand. The size of the armrest is approximately 28.5x8cm.

2D Armrests are used by: UVI Devil, UVI Styler & UVI Back in Black

Adjustable armrests

Adjustable Armrests are adjustable by height. The top of the armrest is additionally padded for extra comfort.

Adjustable Armrests are used by: UVI Focus.

Adjustable padded Armrests

UVI Simple Office Adjustable ArmrestUVI Simple Office Adjustable Armrest

Adjustable padded Armrests are a special armrest, which can be adjusted by its angle from 45° all the way to 90°. For extra comfort, the armrest is padded with PU foam.

Adjustable Padded Armrests are used by: UVI Simple Office.

Extra-Padded armrests

UVI Hero Red

Extra-padded armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted at all. However, the extra padding at the top makes them really comfortable to use.

Extra-Padded Armrests are used by: UVI Hero & UVI Storm.