UVI Chair uses two types of materials to make our chairs: artificial leather and synthetic fabrics. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and will briefly describe them in the following article.

PU Leather

Artificial leather or PU leather is the most widespread material among gaming chairs. The first advantage is the look because although it can be much cheaper than genuine leather, at first glance the PU Leather is similar, and the feeling when touching it is not so different. Because it is an artificial material, it is easier to create different color combinations. The great advantage of artificial leather is simple cleaning. With liquid spray, the surface can be quickly and easily wiped and dries very quickly. The same applies to dust, that can be easily wiped off the surface. The disadvantage of artificial leather is that it does not breathe and keeps the heat at places where the body touches the surface, which of course causes sweating.

Strong mesh

As we pointed out at artificial leather, the problem is that the material does not breathe. And this is exactly the advantage of the fabric because it “breathes” and does not hold back heat. Therefore, the fabric is the right choice for all who have problems with sweating or use a chair in warmer spaces. But breathing material also has its own weaknesses. The material accumulates dust over time, in the case of spillage, cleaning is very difficult and quickly leaves a lasting trace in the case of spillage with a more aggressive liquid. In spite of better resistance to sweating, this can’t be completely prevented and after a few years of use, it leaves residual effects, so the chair needs to be handled more carefully and requires more maintenance.