We are young team of people that care for your health! We realize how important is to have good chair and we will do everything to bring awarness to young and old as you can not reaplace your back!

By aquiring one of our chairs, you are making an investment for now and for the years to come. Forget about pain in your back after long sitting sesions! Take care of your back and wellbeing from today!

All our chairs are high quality with original PU foam that will last. Main goal when designing this chair was to make it comfortable while also supporting your back and other crucial parts of your body. Chair is designed to keep you in the right sitting position and to prevent damage on crucial body parts. For extra comfort, two neck and back support cusions are included.

We belive that we can encourage you to change your sitting habbits in a way that will preserve and improve your health with our specially designed chair. Don’t waste your back or any other crucial body parts with bad chairs. Be wise and select the chair that takes care of you and your health, UVI chair!

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+386 70 388 288 / Email: info@uvichair.com

Your health is important to us! Check our chairs.


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