I was only 24 years old when I started getting back pains. I did a lot of research on how to improve my sitting habits and posture but at the end, no matter what I did, my back pains did not want to go away, so I decided to change my chair. As a student and a gamer, I went all in and bought a gaming chair from a well known brand. Why a gaming chair? It looked super comfy, soft and widely adjustable. My new chair was super awesome for first 2 months but then things started to change for the worst. Chair lost it’s softness and slowly I started to fell my back pains.

I was devastated. I invested so much of my money into a well known gaming chair but the results were bad. So I decided to create my own brand of quality and soft gaming chairs! But I knew that just creating chars is not enough so I decided to go further.

Our company’s slogan is “We have your back!” and we take that super serious! We are raising awareness on the effect of bad chairs, why timeouts during long sitting sessions are important, why it is important to improve bad sitting posture and how all of this will improve your life!

In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to change how you sit! Do you need a new chair? And, should you sit in the proper position? If you decide to do that – give us a chance to help you out! We have prepared special guides on our blog to help you improve your sitting posture, your sitting habits, how and why to utilize timeouts during long sitting sessions and more!

We are really passionate about this project and our ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible to change their sitting habits, raise their productivity, help them prevent back pains and other medical problems and in the end – Make the world a better place!

But we are not stopping here! Here at UVI we are constantly researching new solutions to help improve our daily lives and yours! So you can expect more awesome products in the future!

All UVI product are made with 100% sLOVEnian love and are tested for months in-house before they are ready to hit the market. I am sure that our products will help many people change their ways and ultimately improve their everyday lives!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us – you can get in touch with our team via email: [email protected]

Enjoy your stay at UVI
Yours faithfully,